Monday, April 27, 2015

Progress Report from Week 1

Well, we have come to the end of the first of four weeks to a clean and organized home.  Working on the kitchen this week was a challenge but so rewarding.  I find my self just standing in the middle of the kitchen admiring my work =)  It has brought me such happiness to have clutter free counter tops and cabinets.  The real challenge will be to keep it up.

Here are a few pictures to showoff my work.....

Clean and organized fridge =)  My plan was to group items, especially in the door.  Dressings, condiments and sauces all have their special place.  I added handled baskets, found at Big Lots for $2 each, to group smaller items and keep them contained and easily accessible.
My bottom drawer was always a mess!  I was constantly buying cheese because I never knew what I had in my fridge.  I found these great smaller baskets at the Dollar store.  The long rectangular came 2 to a package and the square were 3 to a package.  So for $2 I now have control over the "junk" drawer of the fridge =)

My cabinets are actually still a work in progress.   I did remove all the items and wipe down surfaces, I'm now just trying to find the best place for everything.  Although I did remove a lot of items that I no longer needed, I still feel like I need to remove more, or come up with a better storage solution.  So this week I will be out to find some organization racks/containers, especially for my serving platters and pots/pans.

My Cup cabinet came out great, and it really has made life a lot easier.  It use to be any time my daughter would want a drink I'd open the cabinet and an avalanche of cups, lids and straws would come tumbling out.  LOL.  Again, using the 3 for $1 baskets I found at the dollar store, I was able to get control of the lids and another rectangle basket for straws.  

<-----BEFORE                                       AFTER------->

When we first moved into our home, about 2 years ago, it was difficult to figure what items should go in what cabinet.  Over the years I always felt my items weren't in the most efficient places, but didn't have to time to move items around. While doing my 4 week challenge I took the time to think how my kitchen could run more efficient.  So, I took the time to relocate a lot of items.  I had two cabinets on each side of my oven/stove that contained cooking and baking supplies, but also a lot of items that were not related, like flower vases and kids lunch boxes.
I now have ONE cabinet dedicated to cooking supplies.  I moved some shelves to fit everything perfect.  My favorite part is my cook books are neat and easily accessible.  I had forgotten all about my cookbooks because they were shoved high up on a shelf that I couldn't even reach.  I look forward to using them again!!

<-----BEFORE                                       AFTER------->

Yesterday we started week 2: behind closed doors.  Sunday's task was to tackle the pantry and boy, what a job that was!!  Here's a little sneak peek.  I underestimated all of the organization items I would need, so I'll be out at the store to pick a few more items.

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