Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 1, Day 1 - Upper Cabinets

Sunday's to-do was 'hard to reach places'.
For my kitchen, this meant I had to get all the decor above cabinets down, dust/clean and put back up.  As well as clean recessed lights, pendants above breakfast bar and a few a/c vents. 

Sunday proved to be a pretty busy day, so I didn't start my tasks until later in the afternoon.  I started with easier task of dusting vents and lights.  Using a swifter duster with long handle I got the job done quickly.  (don't forget to turn of the lights with dusting bulbs)

With the help of my husband, I climb up on the counter top and started handing down all the decorative items from above the cabinets.  I then vacuumed all loose dust and dead bugs (gross!!!) and wiped clean with 50/50 vinegar and water.   While I was up high, I decided it was best to go ahead and get Tuesday's exterior cabinet cleaning done on upper cabinets.   I also wiped down the top of the fridge, reaching far back under space between top of fridge and bottom of cabinet.  I have to say, this may have been the dusty place in my kitchen!

Cleaning the decor, mainly silk plants, became a little more of a challenge.  My original plan was to take most of the items outside and hose down, however, research proved this would be a huge mistake.  Silk plants can be fragile and need to be cleaned with care.  Plus I had two silk plants that were in pots, so I didn't want to saturate with water.  So, I moved all the silk plants to my spare bathroom and filled the tub with just a small amount of warm water and about 1 cup on vinegar.  Very carefully, I got the leaves and flowers wet with water/vinegar, then wiped down with a damp sponge.  The dust actually clumped and was easy to remove. I gently shook access water off and set the plants on the side to dry.  I let everything dry overnight and will put back on the shelves tonight.

Tonight I will also tackle day 2 - clear countertops!!  I'm super excited about this one and can't wait to share the before and after photos!

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