Thursday, May 28, 2015

Before and After week 4

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to post this update.  Between end of school for my daughter,  a tough week at work and preparing some exciting new projects for the blog, time has just flown by!

After wrapping up the 4th week of cleaning/decluttering I'm in a good place.  I am so happy with the progress, and have seen a huge improvement in the function of the household, as well as how easy it has been to keep a clean house.   Although it isn't perfect, it is a huge improvement.  Plenty more projects, improvements and organizing still to go, but I am comfortable knowing this is a slow but steady progression and I'm keeping with the "not perfect, but good enough for now," this keeps me from spending too much time in one area. 

My biggest challenge and accomplishment were the closets.  Two closets in particular had gotten OUT OF CONTROL!!  My master closet, and my daughters closet.

My daughters closet was a mix of toys, books, everyday clothes and dress-up clothes.  The closet is equipment with the general contractor grade wire shelf, so I had previously added shoe storage, extra hanging space and a book shelf.  My first step was clearing out the unneeded.  The local shelter was pleased to get boxes full of baby books, shoes, clothes, and toys.  Once I declutter, then I tackled the organizing.  I moved the bookshelf, which I was unsure about, but has proven to work well.  I grouped clothes by type and length and hung her play clothes in a reachable area.  I had some left over baskets from my kitchen organization which I used to store her play-doh and sewing machine, both have lots of little parts and not toys I like her using without supervision so the top of the closet is a perfect place.

When starting my master closet I went in not having high expectations.  I knew how hard it would be for me to get rid of things.  I tend to hoard clothes, the usual downfalls like, I may fit into this again one day,  its cute I just haven't had anywhere to wear this too yet or the I haven't bought the right shirt to go with the slacks.   I was able to get rid of more then I thought, including two handbags, which is HUGE for me. As I went through the clothes I pitched all broken hangers, donated wire hangers to dry-cleaner and began sorting clothes by type and length.  As with any picture, I'm not sure it really catches the progress that was actually made.  The closet is less cluttered, I feel like I can access everything and my morning have been much more enjoyable.

MID CLEAN OUT  (I wish I would have snapped a picture of the pile of extra hangers)

(I didn't thin the heard as much as I would of liked, but working on it every day.  
If I try something on and don't like it, I toss it)

HUGE NEWS: I had stroke of luck this week....I won a ClosetMaid Sweepstake!!!  This week I worked with one of their professional designers and we came up with a closet system for my guest bedroom/craft closet.  This closet has been a nightmare since the day we moved in, and I'm so excited to get it back under control.  It isn't a room we use often, so it sort of became a catch all for extra items I couldn't find a permanent home for.  Below is the before picture before I organized in week 4. Stay tuned for the after......

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