Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer Reading Goal

We're just a week into summer and I'm already falling out of our daily routine.   Last night I realized my daughter hasn't picked up a book to read on her own all week!!  She is just starting to read, so I don't want to loose momentum during the summer.  I wanted something I could hang on the side of the fridge as a reminder and keep her engaged in reading while out of school, so I created a summer reading goal chart.  If I can get her to read two books (again, a beginner so her books are small) a week, I feel we would be going into the next school year strong.

Below is the Summer Reading chart for you to print.  I left the number of books to fill a square and goal blank for you to fill-in.  Our chart is 2 books to fill a square and overall goal is 20.  Her special surprise will be a snowcone/pool party with a few of her friends.

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