Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall into an organized closet

The season is changing; days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder.  Time to hang up the short summer dresses and pull out the leather boots and chunky sweaters!

The change from summer to fall is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the changing of wardrobe and do a little CLOSET CLEANING!!  Your memory should be fresh as to what you did wear the past 3 months, making it easy to immediately toss unworn items.  It also could help to pick up a fashion magazine or hit Polyvore to brush up on the current fashions too.  This will help you say good-bye to those items that are "so last season"  Our Step-by-Step guide will help you declutter the closet and get ready for Fall, with minimum frustration.

Before you get started you will want to think about where the discarded items will go.  I believe its best to have 3 labeled bins: Trash, Donate, Sell

Sometimes its hard for us get rid of items because we feel we are loosing money or they hold sentimental value.  Well, no one said you had to throw it away!!  Have a garage sale, sell newer items online, look into consignment shops in your area (some will give you cash or store credit up front) or take the tax break and donate to local shelter/thrift store.  For the sentimental items, consider making something useful out of it, maybe a throw pillow, small doll for child or frame the item in a shadow box.  You could also pass it down to a sibling or friend that you think would get good use out of the item.

Ok, lets get started......

First you will want to go through the Spring/Summer attire: 
  1. Quickly go through all spring/summer items and discard items you know you do not want to keep.  Maybe its stained, torn, doesn't fit, out of fashion; whatever the reason, this will give you quick gratification of progress (even if it's only 2 items).  Place items in appropriate bins.
  2. Pick out the following essentials you want to keep for next year: 3 pairs of shorts (white/khaki, print and pop of color), 1 black/blue tank (solid or striped), 1 white fitted shirt (preferably with boat/'v' neck), 1 pop of color shirt (tank or fitted t-shirt), 1 pair of white jeans/capri, 1 Maxi dress, 2 dresses (one cotton and one flirty), 2 bathing suits, 2 pairs of sandals.   Set these items aside for now.
  3. What are you left with??  Use the flowchart (below) for each item to see if it will stay or go.  Place all "go" items in appropriate bins.
  4. Neatly put all items back into the closet or pack in air tight containers.  If placing in closet, place the out of season items towards the back, you'll want your Fall items up front and easy to access.  If packing and storing summer items, I would recommend keeping a good 'transitional' outfit in your closet if weather were to warm up unexpectedly.

After you have cleared out the Spring/Summer, now work through your Fall Attire:
  1. Quickly go through all items and discard items you know you do not want to keep.  Place in appropriate bins.
  2. Choose the essentials that are in for this season:  2 pairs of denim jeans (skinny is on its way out, flare is back in for 2015), 2 pairs of colored jeans/pants (black, plum, olive are popular this year), 2 pairs of slacks (if you do not require office attire you can substitute leggings), 2 dresses/skirts, 3 lightweight long, half or quarter sleeve shirts (flannel, white and denim recommended), 2 Blouses, 2 sweaters, 1pair of boots (ankle or calf) and 1 pair of ballet flats/loafers.
  3. What are you left with??  Use the flowchart (below) to see what items will stay or go.  Place all "go" items in appropriate bins.
  4. Neatly put all items back into the closet and arrange items by type and color. 

Optional Step: 
Feel like you didn't clean out enough?  Flip your hangers =)   Take all you hanging clothes and reverse the direction of your hangers.   As you take items out of your closet to wear, hang them back up the regular way.   By the end of 4 weeks evaluate all items that are still hung in reverse.   Works with stacked items too.   Fold and pile as usual, place a book or flat item on top to use as a maker.  As you take items to wear, replace items on top of the pile maker.  At the end of 4 weeks evaluate all items that are stacked under the marker.

Here is the Printable/Pinable Photo for "Fall into an Organized Closet"


  1. I just had a huge garage sale and sold tons of clothes, it felt great to move them out of the house and have the space. All in time to get the fall and winter stuff out.


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  2. I'm ready to clean my closet...Thanks for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  3. Thank you for your timely article! I'm so excited to include you as one of our Featured Guests at this week's Inspire Me Monday Party #195 at Create With Joy!

    I"m on an organization kick so if you link up more articles like this - be sure to leave a comment so I don't miss them! :-)

    Have an amazing week!

    1. Thank you for choosing this article on your Featured Guest! =) I'll give you a heads up on my next organization post, hopefully up later this week.

  4. Perfectly timed! Now that fall is here we need room in our closet for all the bulky clothing. Thank you for linking up on Welcome Home Wednesday!

  5. Spring and autumn are always good times for a clean out and to get organized. Thanks for the helpful tips and flowchart and also good to have you linking up with us at #WednesdaysWisdom